• Tradewinds aluzone aluminium parasols

Tradewinds Aluzone parasols were designed to offer a modern lightweight yet strong parasol utilizing a modern mix of aluminium, stainless steel and the finest kiln dried Eucalyptus timber that is FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified.

High quality materials and workmanship ensure that Tradewinds parasols are the no 1 choice for corporate, private & promotional buyers. Stainless steel fittings are used for high durability and fabric options are naturally resistant to rotting and mildew, acids and alkalis. All fabrics are Teflon treated to provide water, oil and soil protection.

Size Shape Diameter
Pole (mm)
No. of
Height (mm)
Head (mm)
Closed (mm)
Weight (kg)
Min. Base
Weight (kg)
2.2m square 38 4 2660 1920 920 11 40
2.8m square 58 8 2900 2000 735 22 60
2.6m hexagonal 38 6 2650 1900 1175 12 25
3.2m hexagonal 48 6 2680 1940 940 15 40
4.0m octagonal 58 8 2900 2000 735 25 60
  • Tradewinds Aluzone parasol frames are manufactured from premium grade aluminium, stainless steel and Eucalyptus wood.
  • They are assembled with stainless steel brackets and bolts to allow for the easy installation of new component parts, should there be any breakages or damage at any stage throughout the parasol’s lifespan.
  • Canopies are woven from a highly durable Teflon coated solution dyed polyester.
  • All wearing points are reinforced with heavy duty PVC, which ensures that the canopy is long lasting and durable.
  • A large air vent ensures that gusts of wind will not blow the parasol over.
  • Tradewinds canopies have the highest sun protection level UPF50+ as well as a lightfastness level of 7.
  • A range of over 20 colours is available for Tradewinds Parasols to match your requirements and branding possibilities.
  • Standard colours available from stock are ecru, black, green and navy. Other colours are made to order.
  • Tradewinds canopies also feature an anti–fade warranty of up to 3 years.
  • Canopies are easily removable and washable to maintain the look of the parasols.
  • Replacement canopies are readily available for all Tradewinds parasols.

(NOTE: Colours shown here offer an approximation of their actual real-life counterparts, as screen and print settings on different computers cannot accurately reproduce some colour values).

If any of the above details are unclear or you would rather speak to a representative to discuss what might best suit your requirements, please contact us on 01273 497 477