Ultra Strong Parasols2022-04-06T07:36:09+01:00


Bigger and stronger – our range of ultra strong parasols are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and stay up and open year round.


Global Parasols brings together a unique collection of durable, strong parasols for customers wanting extended opening periods and year round use from their parasols. This is a very select group of products as very few parasols meet our exacting standards when it comes to being classed as Ultra Strong.

The F1 from TUUCI is the strongest parasol in the range and like the Strongwind from Uhlmann these parasols have undergone wind tunnel tests to prove their credentials.

The Vortex parasol goes one stage further offering certified structural calculations to guarantee its ability to stay open beyond 100km/h. All these parasols will enable operators to extend trading periods, with any additional costs quickly being recovered in increased revenue.

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