• Parasol bases

Parasol bases – so often overlooked, these are a critical component of any parasol installation.

The choice of base can make a huge difference to the benefits derived from a parasol. Ideally parasols should be installed into fixed bases, but there are a number of other options available that provide additional flexibility.

Our in-house manufacturing also enables us to offer customised base solutions for specific installations.


All our parasols are offered with the option of a fixed base. This provides the best stability for any parasol but does mean that they are restricted to be installed and opened in pre-determined areas.

Two fixed base options are available:

  • Ground socket – where part of the base is set into a concrete foundation and the parasol then fitted to this;
  • Bolt down base – where the base is fitted to an existing solid surface or to decking

We do strongly recommend that all parasols with heat and light are installed using fixed bases and this provides additional stability with the additional weight of the heaters and lights in the canopy of the parasol.


Freestanding bases offer the best flexibility for placement and movement of the parasols. They come in a number of different options:

  • Concrete – for the lowest cost
  • Granite – for a smarter finish
  • Metal – for a low profile
  • Very heavy bases with slabs – for additional stability.

Many of these are available with wheels to enable users to move parasols providing shade or shelter wherever it is needed.

The choice of which freestanding base base to use will depend upon your parasol and your day-to-day usage requirements. Please talk to us for help and advice.


Our in-house manufacturing facilities give us the unique ability to work with architects, designers, boat builders and construction companies in order to design and manufacture custom made bases for customers that require something non-standard.

From plinths to special bases to fit under raised tiled floors with flush fitting caps, we have the facilities to produce bases in either our preferred marine grade 316 stainless steel, or hot dip galvanised steel bases bases.

This enables us to offer solutions that go beyond the manufacturers standard range, providing the ability to install our parasols almost anywhere.

If any of the above details are unclear or you would rather speak to a representative to discuss what might best suit your requirements, please contact us on 01273 497 477