• lighting and heating options available for parasols
  • heating and lighting for parasols

Parasol Heating and Lighting

A number of the parasols we offer have the option to add heating and lighting modules.

With heat and light, warm inviting areas can be created. This can enable establishments to extend operating times well into the chillier summer evenings and throughout the year.

Ideally this is a consideration at the time of the initial purchase of the parasol, to allow cabling to be fitted internally to the frame, inside the mast or arms.  However, we do also have retro fit systems available. This is where the cabling is not fitted at the time of the initial purchase but can be added to the parasol at a later stage through external cabling.  This can also be fitted to some of the lighter weight parasols.

With the heaters we offer a number of options to meet differing budget requirements and power requirements.  Lights are increasingly becoming LED solutions, for lower energy consumption and long life and a selection of options are available. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Integrated heat and light

Integrated heating and lighting needs to be ordered at the time of ordering the parasol and will require the provision of power, normally through the ground, to bottom of the parasol. This is the neatest system available and the safest. It is available on all our Vortex parasols and Uhlmann parasols.

An option to fit up to 4 heaters per parasol is standard, though we are able to customise this on some models, adding additional flexibility.

Where parasols need to be folded down regularly, we offer the option of folding heater arms and cut out switches, to help make sure that the heaters do not damage the canopy when closed.

Retro fit heat and light

We offer a number of units that allow heating and lighting to be fitted to parasols that are already installed. We have 2 heater and 4 heater mast mounted units that can be supplied direct from standard sockets. These give the same heat output as the integrated heaters, but the cabling and the power to the parasol has to be external to the mast.

A number of lights are available, from battery powered LED units to larger more powerful spot lights, with either standard halogen bulbs or LED bulbs. Again the cabling needs to be external to the mast.

Parasol heaters
Parasol lighting

If any of the above details are unclear or you would rather speak to a representative to discuss what might best suit your requirements, please contact us on 01273 497 477