• uhlmann FX cantilever parasol

The Uhlmann Type FX Cantilever umbrella provides complete flexibility of use by offering uninterrupted free space beneath the cover. There is no central mast to consider, which is especially important in a commercial situation when arranging tables or furniture for dining or leisure use. The unique design is built to the highest standards and with the usual Uhlmann attention to detail, but with aesthetics to the fore.

Due to is cantilever geometry, the Type FX umbrella is the ideal solution for shading smaller areas, and whilst the build quality caters primarily to the commercial market, it is also suitable for private households. In summary, the type FX is undoubtedly the umbrella of choice due to its ease of operation via a winding handle, its flexibility of use, and the outstanding good looks that Uhlmann have managed to create with this beautiful unit.

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