The Scolaro Astro cantilever parasol is the perfect marriage between the future and the classic. Bringing a combination of technology, ergonomics, design and innovation, this parasol can be opened and closed with one single, effortless movement.

Harmonious for all environments, the MOTION retractable solution permits the parasol to be opened or closed near to the pole without removing table and chairs first. The combination of the MOTION and ACTION System allows users to open or close the parasol in one operation.  The integrated gas spring, which compensates the weight of the umbrella, ensures the handling is very light and easy.

The aluminium frame is available in a StarWhite powder-coated finish, anodized SpaceGrey version  or carbon coated metallic graphite effect to suit any environment.

If any of the above details are unclear or you would rather speak to a representative to discuss what might best suit your requirements, please contact us on 01273 497 477