Umbrosa Infina Parasol

UMBROSA INFINA PARASOL The Infina stands for rest and simplicity. Without the busy knot of ribs and visible frame, the Infina is a real gem of pure aesthetics. The visually very soothing effect provides a clean design, which throws overboard all ballast of the classic center-pole umbrella. The Infina combines [...]

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Umbrosa Ingenua Shade Sails

UMBROSA INGENUA SHADE SAILS A fully adjustable, flexible shade sail system with high grade fabrics and a multitude of options to enable installation almost anywhere. These innovative, stylish shade sails are perfect for residential gardens, hotel terraces and school playgrounds. The flexibility and the ability to easily adjust the angle [...]

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Umbrosa Paraflex Wall Mounted Parasol

UMBROSA PARAFLEX WALL MOUNTED PARASOL The Paraflex starter kit comprising parasol canopy and arm for wall mounting. Amazingly versatile and practical - these are the ideal parasols for balconies, terraces and small city gardens. Lightweight, easy to install and easy to operate - the Paraflex wall mounted parasol features an [...]

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Umbrosa Icarus Shade Structure

UMBROSA ICARUS SHADE STRUCTURE With the Umbrosa Icarus Shade Structure, you can kill two birds with one stone. Inspired by nature, Umbrosa have designed a shadow maker that at the same time can be used as a windscreen. The Icarus embraces and protects. Its beautiful lines will enhance any area.  [...]

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Umbrosa Eclipsum Shade Structure

UMBROSA ECLIPSUM SHADE STRUCTURE The unique Eclipsum cantilever parasol adds a new dimension to the world of the classic parasol. This eye-catching parasol challenges traditional styles by providing optimal shade whilst appealing to modern aesthetic requirements. A variety of shade cloth colours are available to enhance and complement your outdoor [...]

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Umbrosa Spectra Cantilever Parasol

SPECTRA CANTILEVER PARASOL The minimalistic Spectra cantilever parasol is the ideal partner for contemporary outdoor living. Choose from a wide range of vibrant, distinct colours to perfectly match your own environment. This innovative shade structure boasts a unique geometrical, ergonomic design which allows for easy positioning for maximum shade; such as [...]

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