large parasols hotel installation

The specification:

The client had spent a long time trying to find a way of permanently covering an outside area of approximately 9 metres without spoiling the appearance of their beautiful 16th Century Tudor building. The aim was to give outside shelter to their guests whilst they ate, drank and relaxed throughout the year and therefore heat and light was also an important requirement.

The solution:

Global Parasols recommended the installation of two high tensile Vortex 4.2m square parasols with guttering to link them together, in-ground bases, as well as heat and light. Although not a permanent fixture the beauty of the Vortex is that it can be left up and open throughout the year and only requires closing in extreme weather conditions.
Infrared 1.4 kW heaters were mounted onto the struts of each of the parasols and 4 x 50W spot lights mounted round the poles. All the cables for the electrics were run up through the centre of the pole keeping them protected, out of view and harms way. With 40 colour canopies to choose from Global Parasols suggested the ‘Pepper’ to blend in with the building and rural surroundings.

The result:

The contemporary design of the Vortex with the Pepper colour canopy marries perfectly with the Tudor architecture giving the hotel the best of the 16th and 21st Centuries combined. Our client has the practicality of shelter with heat and light with the added bonus of a structure that is both extremely strong and very attractive.

The client was so impressed with the performance and design of these parasols that 6 months later they purchased another 2 for an outside barbeque area.