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Umbrella and Parasol Services

Services, pre- and post-sales support

We aim to offer unrivalled customer support to all our customers, and those of our competitors!  Unlike many of our competitors, we are a parasol specialist.  We don't sell Awnings or Blinds, we leave this to the awnings and blinds specialists!  As we only deal with parasols, we have very specialist in-house skills, with huge experience in all type of parasols.

parasol cleaning and servicingWe have service centres both in Belgium and the UK, dedicated to servicing the needs of parasol users throughout the mainland Europe and the UK.

We have expanded our range of services and are now pleased to be able to offer a full maintenance service to users of a number of the world's leading parasol manufacturers such as Tophoven, Tradewinds, TUUCI, Scolaro, Shademakers, Woodline, Paraflex, Uhlmann, May and Structurelab.

All servicing is carried out by our own staff in specialist service centres dedicated to parasols.  

Specification and Site visits

service2To ensure that our customers get the right product to do the required job, we offer site visits from one of our highly experienced staff.

Make sure that what you want is what you buy!
Both the UK and mainland Europe are proving to be very harsh environments for parasols. The vast majority of parasols here are imported from places that either have different expectations to us, or have sunny, warm climates. Not being blessed with either of these climatic conditions for anything other than a millisecond each summer, we need to be careful to ensure that the right products are specified for each specific site. This has to take into account the customer’s expectations and the prevailing weather conditions throughout the year.

Site visits are a standard part of our pre-sales service for jumbo parasols.

For smaller parasols we offer a wealth of knowledge to trade customers, architects, designers and specifiers wanting to make sure that suitable parasols are used in a particular location.  Should you have a need for a site visit for a particular project or have any pre-sales questions, please contact Global Parasols Office


installationWe offer unbiased advice on cost effective installation, or the full service.
Let us know what you require and we can arrange it.  In most cases installation is undertaken locally. We have found that it is not cost effective to have a team of installers driving round dedicated to installing parasols. 

Where ground works are required, this is best carried out by local contractors. If you put us in contact with your contractors, we have all the information they require to carry out a professional, cost effective installation.
Managing a project this way can save over 30% of the final bill. If however you do need us to do the complete installation service, then please contact us to see how we can best achieve the service you require.

Post sales support

post salesHaving made a sizeable investment in a quality shade solution you need to be sure that you are going to get continued support and service, as and when you need it.

We only sell repairable parasols. All components from all our parasols are serviceable and replaceable, all canopies are replaceable.

We hold large stocks of spare parts and we carry out all servicing ourselves.

Repairs and maintenance

brokenparasol 000This isn't one of ours and certainly isn't a good advert for any brand!

Don't get caught looking like this!

Should there be any need for repair to any of our parasols then please do not hesitate to contact us, we have full spares availability for all our parasols. Should you need us to come to site and carry out the work for you, we can do this at very competitive rates.

If you have jumbo parasols from any of the other major German manufacturers, (Uhlmann or May) we are very experienced in dealing with these parasols and are happy to undertake repairs, maintenance and replacement canopies.


cleaningAs a parasol is often the first thing people notice outside a bar or restaurant, the last thing you want is to have a grubby canopy.

Parasols can get dirty, rather than just accepting this, let us clean and re-treat the canopy for you.
We have invested heavily in equipment to effectively clean parasol canopies and as such we offer a full cleaning service on jumbo parasols, manufactured by all the leading German manufacturers, Tophoven, Uhlmann and May.

This service is available on all synthetic canvas fabrics, (Dickson Orchestra, Polyombra and other heavy duty Acrylics). It is not available on coated polyester fabrics, including Airtex.

There are a number of ways of carrying out this service for you, please call our office to discuss the most cost effective options available.


hibernationWith space at a premium and the potential for damage to parasols left outside during the winter, we offer a unique storage service.

Hibernation will ensure your parasols start the next season in as good, if not better condition, than they finished the last one.

There are various service levels, from just collection, professional drying and storage, before returning them to site for the new year, to our full service, including cleaning, re-treating canvases and a complete frame service.


rentalWe have a number of large size parasols available for rental for events, parties and product launches.

We can provide printed canopies for special events.
Rental, including set up and take down of large parasols is available to customers. Often delivery and installation can be carried out by our own staff, otherwise we can offer freight carrier delivery of parasols and bases for you to set up.

Heating and lighting options are available to help make an evening or winter event a more comfortable experience.

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