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XXL Parasol

xxl jumbo parasol

One parasol and your whole terrace is covered.

A true giant amongst parasols, sizes up to 10.0m.

Available with integrated HEATING and LIGHTING.

Canvases available in a number of different fabrics and in a huge array of colours.

Printing available - with NO MINIMUM ORDER.


Size (m)ShapePole Diameter (mm)No. of StrutsFeaturesOpening
5.5 square 106 x 3 12 telescopic winder
6.0 square 106 x 3 12 telescopic winder
6.5 square   12 telescopic winder
7.0 square 110 x 5 12 telescopic winder
6.5 round 106 x 3 12 telescopic winder
7.2 round 106 x 3 12 telescopic winder 
8.0 round 110 x 5 12 telescopic winder 
9.0 round 110 x 5 12 telescopic winder 
10.0 round 110 x 5 12 telescopic winder 
5 x 7 rectangle 106 x 3 10 telescopic winder 
5 x 7 rectangle 106 x 3 10 telescopic winder 
5 x 8 rectangle  110 x 5 10 telescopic winder 
5 x 9 rectangle  110 x 5 10 telescopic winder 
6 x 8 rectangle  110 x 5 10 telescopic winder 
7 x 8 rectangle  110 x 5 10 telescopic winder 

If any of the above details are unclear or you would rather speak to a representative to discuss what might suit your requirements best, please click here.


Heavy duty aluminium frames. Poles of either 106mm or 110mm diameter, ribs in either 45mm x 25mm or 56mm x 31mm, depending on the size of the parasol.

Winder system for easy opening of the parasol. Winder handles can be removed to avoid the possibility of the unit being tampered with.

Guttering is available to connect parasols together. These can be customised to ensure that the rain water runs off in a particular direction.

We strongly recommend that all XXL parasols are fully installed using in ground bases set into large concrete footings. There are rare occasions when it is necessary to use a 'portable' base. This can be done for special events. Please contact us for further details.


Deck Plate to bolt down to an existing solid surface metal base
In-ground base inground base


Canopies manufactured from either Airtex, or the recommended Dickson Orchestra fabric.

No air vents with XXL parasols as this can affect the tension of the frame. Strength is maintained by using a canopy without an air vent.

Also available are side sheets to enclose the parasol and protect the occupants from the weather and cover bags to protect the parasol and particularly the fabric when not in use. 

xxl jumbo giant parasol

Uhlmann Colour Swatches
(Click image to enlarge) 

Uhlmann Airtex colour swatch Uhlmann Diskson colour swatch

Heat & Light

To maximise the amount of time that these parasols are used it is possible to fit infra-red electrical heating and lighting systems to the underside of the canopy.

Lighting is centrally mounted on the pole, utilising low wattage lighting units

Heating is provided by a number of infra-red electrical heater units. It is possible to put in a total of 6 heater units in to the XXL parasols, enough to heat the whole area. Heaters are available with a number of different power ratings, from 1.3kW to 2.0kW.

All electrics are fitted at time of manufacture, installed within the frame of the parasol and need to be specified at the same time that the parasol is ordered. 

parasol lighting


URLDescriptionFile size
Access this URL ( swatch for XXL Jumbo Parasols531 kB
Access this URL ( Parasol BrochureUhlmann Parasol Brochure1321 kB


Printing can be carried out using a number of different processes. To see which will produce the best results for you we suggest that you send us your artwork and we can offer suggestions.

Screen print, for simple flat colour prints (or limited half tones). Base fabric colour needs to be selected from our standard fabric ranges. (much better on Dickson Orchestra)

Digital print, for small numbers of more complex printing. Base fabric white only.

Dispersion printing, for larger numbers of complex print and all over printing. Base fabric colour white. 


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